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The 10 Best Lost Episodes, Ranked

9. The Life And Death Of Jeremy Bentham, Season 5, Episode 7

We’re jumping to an entirely different era of the series for the next entry with Season 5’s “The Life And Death of Jeremy Bentham.” In this episode, John Locke is sent back into the real world (so to say) to convince the Oceanic Six to return to the Island and save the other survivors they left behind there. As Locke meets with Sayid, Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sun in their new lives after their experiences on the island, it serves as a satisfying reunion for the core cast with the ghost of the Island they left behind and Locke. 

This episode strikes a new tone than your typical Lost episode because it has Locke on this outside mission that is completely out of the element of his typical role in the show.

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