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The 100 Season 7: What Happened To Bellamy And 6 More Questions After Episode 5

Did Echo Snap?

Thanks to Octavia’s memories being played holographically, Echo saw Bellamy’s “death” on Bardo. While viewers have plenty of reasons to believe he’s still alive, Echo clearly believes that he’s gone, just as Octavia does. Mad with grief, Echo attacked the Disciple who had been in the room with Octavia, although he wasn’t harming her. She didn’t seem to hear Gabriel and Hope when they told her not to kill the man because they needed him as a hostage, and she just went ahead and impaled him with a piece of equipment, then dropped to her knees and screamed. Was this violence in a fit of grief, or did she snap a la Finn back in Season 2? Can she come back from this, whether or not Bellamy is alive?

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