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NABILAH MUSA, better known by her stage name Bil Musa, is a local singer-songwriter. She has been in the music industry for the past six years. As a perfomer, Bil acknowledges that she has to put on a lot of makeup, especially for events.

Meanwhile, Razliza Azreen has worked in the marketing department of a beauty company for the past year. Although she works in the beauty industry, Razliza admitted that she prioritises skincare over makeup.

These two women recently shared their makeup and skincare routines and tips with us, which might come in handy when we want to tweak our current beauty routine.

How often do you wear makeup?

Bil: “I think if I go out, if it’s not for essential things like grocery or a workout, I would usually wear makeup. Very basic makeup, like eyebrows, mascara, blush and a bit of lipstick. I don’t wear foundation on a daily basis. If I go for events or shows, I’ll definitely wear a full face of makeup.”

Razliza: “I wear makeup every day, but it also depends on what is on that day. If I go to work, I would wear light makeup. ‘Light’ would consist of a good skincare [routine] to prep the skin and then the eyebrows, mascara, lipstick and blush. I skip foundation. If there is an event, I would put on extra.”

What is your go-to makeup look?

Bil: “A glowy make up look, very natural-looking. I would wear a foundation that contains SPF, so it looks a little bit shiny. I load up on the highlighter and anything sparkly!”

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Razliza: “Smokey eye would be my go-to look. The eye look consists of warm tone eyeshadows such as brown or peach, mascara, and false lashes. Then top the look with a bright lipstick.”

One make-up item that you can’t live without?

Bil: “Oh, anything eyebrow [related]! Either an eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder, or eyebrow gel.

Razliza: “Eyebrow pencil! The brow shapes the whole face.”

Favourite makeup brand?

Bil: “Usually if I buy makeup, I tend to go for drugstore makeup because to me it’s cheap and it works. But if I were to upscale from drugstore makeup, it would be Urban Decay, because they have a lot of really good products. I like their mascara, finishing spray, and primers to name a few. Of course, they are known for their wide range of eyeshadow palettes as well.”

Razliza: “I would say NYX because it is not considered a drugstore makeup, it is like an entry level [brand] for luxury makeup goods. They have crazy colour selections and the price is affordable.”

A makeup tip that you would like to share?

Bil: “My pet peeve is when the makeup is not properly blended. It doesn’t matter if you’re using expensive or cheap makeup, instead, what matters is the way you apply it that makes it look good. Try to do your makeup in good lighting, so you know how it actually looks.”

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Razliza: “For me, once you are done with your makeup look, you should spritz some finishing spray just to lock up everything, and it gives you a dewy look.”

How is your skincare like?

Bil: “My skincare [routine] is really easy. First of all, I remove all my makeup with micellar water. Then, I just wash that off with water. Then I use a face wash. If there is no makeup on, I just wash my face with water. I try to be really basic with my skincare. Although I have skincare [products] given to me by brands, I rarely use it unless necessary and it also depends on my skin’s condition. I finish it up with a moisturiser.”

Razliza: “I’m more of a skincare person rather than a makeup person! My skincare [routine] is crazy! I’ll start with a cleanser, exfoliate twice a week, [use] toner, essence, serum, moisturiser, and then apply sunscreen. I prefer Western skincare brands because they work better for me, [compared] to Asian brands.”

What is one skincare step that people should never skip?

Bil: “Moisturiser. Usually people think when their skin is dry, they don’t need to use moisturiser. For me, when I was growing up as a teenager, my skin was really oily, and I tried to dry my skin out by using a lot of face wash and no moisturiser. But, what I found out is that if you use a really good moisturiser, it really makes your skin less oily. The reason your skin releases sebum (oil) is because it is not hydrated enough.”

Razliza: “[A] sheet mask, it only takes 15 minutes of your time. Even if you are lazy, you should at least do it once a week!”

How do you learn to feel comfortable in your own skin?

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Bil: “It took me a while to feel comfortable in my own skin. I used to think that if I don’t wear makeup, I [would] look really, really, bad. So, what happened is I would try to wear more makeup, for events and stuff like that. However, throughout the years I have learned that I prefer the natural makeup look, and it is all about embracing your own features and working with what you have.”

Razliza: “I used to have really bad acne, for about a year continuously. After that, I started drinking lemon water with cucumber in it. I took care of my skin from the inside, and then I chose to invest more in my skincare, rather than [just] makeup products.”

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