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The Big Bang Theory fans don’t think Howard’s mum was ever real – here’s why

The Big Bang Theory fans don’t think Howard’s mum was ever real - here’s why 1

As viewers know, even though they have always heard the voice of Howard’s (played by Simon Helberg) mother, Debbie Wolowitz (Carol Ann Susi) not once has anyone actually seen her. Jokes have always been made she is away or she is in bed with a lover or too fat to get out of bed, but now fans have decided there might be a more sinister reason behind her invisibility.

It’s been about seven months since fans waved goodbye to the gang, but speculation has kept the show alive. 

Since its conclusion, fans have spotted numerous plot holes in Howard and Raj Koothrappali’s (Kunal Nayyar) friendship and Sheldon’s real birthday but now there is a new theory. 

Carol Ann Susi, who played Debbie, sadly died in 2014 midway through season 12, so she had to be written out of the CBS comedy. 

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One fan has now taken to Reddit to question whether Mrs Wolowitz was ever real to begin with. 

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The fan theorized she could have just been a figment of Howard’s imagination – a Norman Bates type figure from Psycho who only hears the voice of his mother in his head. 

The fan said: “Small theory here, Howard’s mom doesn’t exist.

“He is just crazy and lonely and uses ventriloquism to speak for her.

“Also all of his friends like him so much and either A believes him or B, don’t want to break it to him that she isn’t there, either out of love or fear that he would snap.”

Would viewers really think  Mrs Wolowitz was a figment of Howard’s imagination though, is this really plausible?

Elsewhere in the world of fan theory, Howard’s character has been wrapped up in another confusion. 

After this many episodes flaws are bound to show up sometimes, and when it comes to Howard and Raj’s relationship, some people have spotted an issue. 

The problems began in the most recent series as viewers already knew Howard and Raj share a fairly close relationship, sometimes too close.

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