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The big winners from FNCS Week 2


michael_hindi@tracker.gg (Michael Hindi)

We had a wild week of competitive Fortnite; here’s some of the key takeaways with the biggest winners (and losers) of the 2nd week of FNCS

With all the storylines developing in North America, it would be a disservice for us to not start there:

Winners: Saf, Zayt, Stretch

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It comes as no surprise that the longest duo partners in all of North America continues to post insanely consistent results. It seems as though Saf and Zayt, with the combination of Stretch as their third have become an even stronger threat to the Trios event

After successfully fending off Doom’s Domain, the team was able to get in 12 games of full potential; a big factor in their overall success. But for every winner, there must be an equal and opposite loser…

Loser: Bizzle

Bizzle actually had a pretty solid week, banking himself a 5th place finish with Clix and Illest after 12

Unfortunately, it seems as though Bizzle officially lost the battle against Zayt. We’re of course talking about the beef that started at the beginning of Season 4 when the two feuded over who was going to “alpha” Doom’s Domain

After this week, we have a definitive answer on who’s the big dog this season (Hint: it’s not Bizzle)

Winners (EU): Nayte, 4zr, Kezii

The action on the European side of things is always super competitive – potentially more so than in NA… But that’s a debate for another day. For now, let’s highlight the stellar two day performance coming from Nayt, 4zr, and Kezii


The trio narrowly avoided getting overshadowed by Mongraal, Mitr0 and Tayson, a team that was on an absolute tear in the second half of the event. Having scored 3 first place finishes in the last 5 games, you’d assume Mongraal would be sitting on top of the leaderboard

Here’s an end game pop off clip from MMT:

I guess this week proves that consistency will beat outlier comeback performances any day of the week

Loser: Avery

Avery competed alongside Bugha and Jamper, two seasoned Fortnite veterans. The team joined forces and banked $ 4500 with a commanding second place finish this week

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So why is Avery this week’s loser? Because the community caught him lacking – in 4K

A Fortnite community member noticed that Avery was playing with a self proclaimed “Fortnite egirl” in lieu of practicing for the big event

With the trio landing uncontested at Stark Industries, Avery’s team should be the clear frontrunner for this event. Maybe the extra few games of practice could have made all the difference?

Gandhi once said: ”If you’re going to be lackin’, don’t get caught doing it.” OK – he definitely didn’t say that, but that’s advice Avery can take to the bank

We’ll be here to cover Week 3 of the Fortnite Championship Series. Follow us on Twitter to get all of the live updates!


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