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The cheapest locations to buy a home in the UK MAPPED – and the salary needed

Stoke-on-Trent was close behind as the next cheapest location, with an average asking price of £109,450. 

Blackpool, Barnsley, Middlesborough and Doncaster were the next most affordable on the list, proving that northern cities are the cheapest for prospective homeowners who want to take the next onto the ladder. 

The data also looked at the most expensive places to live in Britain – and it’s no surprise that London topped the list. 

A home in the capital will cost an average of £601,562 and requires a huge salary of £108,355 to live there comfortably. 

Even a flat in the city costs an eye-watering average of £429,401, which would still need a salary of £77,331.

Joining London in the top five were Cambridge, Oxford, Brighton and Edinburgh – though the average prices for all of the hotspots were still under the £500,000 stamp duty threshold, with Cambridge costing an average of £499,429. 

But with so many homeowners looking for more space, they will be disappointed to see that they would still have a hefty stamp duty payment to make on a detached house – with prices of the property type being almost double that of the average asking prices. 

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