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The Crown: Prince Philip’s warning to The Queen – there's ALWAYS a 'harmful' Windsor

The Crown: Prince Philip’s warning to The Queen - there's ALWAYS a 'harmful' Windsor 1

Royal Family drama The Crown has returned to Netflix for season three and viewers are gripped. The brand new season chronicles Queen Elizabeth II’s reign from 1964 to 1977 and episode two retells Princess Margaret’s journey to the USA in 1965. Within the dramatisation, Princess Margaret is spurred on to ask the Queen for extra accountability following her profitable tour. Whereas the Queen considers it, Prince Philip points her a stark warning a few Windsor curse.

The notion of a royal household “heir and spare” isn’t any secret within the Crown.

As first-in-line to the throne after her father Queen Elizabeth II is the inheritor whereas her youthful sister Margaret is the spare.

Princess Margaret is portrayed as naturally extra assured, charismatic and rebellious than her older sister which was mentioned to be the case in actual life too.

Whereas the Queen bemoans being much less thrilling than her little sister, Prince Philip reassures her, saying their completely different personalities serve a objective.

Philip: “He requested me to think about a mythological creature. A Reichsadler. A polycephalus, a two-headed eagle.

“For the needs of this dialog, I need you to consider it as representing us. This household. Your loved ones.

“There have at all times been the dazzling Windsors and the boring ones.

“Your father…

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Queen: “A saint”

Prince Philip: “But dull. Sorry. Your grandfather too”

Queen: “George V?”

Prince Philip: “Lethal boring. On the top of the Nice Warfare when the Tsar and the Kaiser and the Emperor of Austria had been dazzling the world, the place was he?

“He was sticking stamps in his album. His spouse…

Queen: “Queen Mary, fantastic.

Prince Philip: “Ditchwater. And so it goes, by George V to Queen Victoria and again.

“An uninterrupted line of stolid, turgid dreariness.

Queen: “Culminating in me?

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Prince Philip: “Properly sure, however…alongside that boring, dutiful, dependable, heroic pressure runs one other.

“The dazzling, the good, the invidualistic, and… the damaging.

“And so, for each Victoria, you get an Edward VII.

“For each George V, you get a Prince Eddy. For each George VI, you get an Edward VIII.

“For every Lillibet … you get a Margaret.”

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