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The Division 2 Episode 3 release date news, PS4 and Xbox One launch update confirmed

The Division 2 Episode 3 reveal

The Division 2 Episode 3 release reveal is coming soon (Image: UBISOFT)

Ubisoft has announced that they will be announcing its plans for the future of The Division 2 this week via a new Livestream event. Fans already know much about The Division 2 Episode 3, including its setting and locations. What we don’t know is The Division 2 release date for this new content update, except that it should be available to play in February. But that should all be changing this week with the confirmation that Ubisoft will be hosting a special reveal event.

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Ubisoft has confirmed that they will be hosting a big Livestream event on February 11, 2020, for Division 2 fans.

The World Premiere should cover everything fans want to know about the future for of The Division 2 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

And it will be available for everyone to watch on YouTube, Twitch and Mixer.

The Division 2 Episode 3 reveal starts at 7pm, GMT, or 11am PT if you live in the United States.

From what we know about Episode 3 already, it’s going to be a free update on all platforms that looks to push the narrative forward.

And it will also contain a return to Coney Island, something that fans have been looking forward to a lot.

“Episode 3 of The Division 2 is bringing players back to New York – specifically Coney Island – and it’s taken a long and twisting narrative road to get there,” a message from Ubisoft reads.

“Episode 3 will be free for all players when it arrives in February. There will be no Public Test Server rounds for Episode 3, as there are no balance changes that need to be tested.”

That means Episode 3 will be adding a new area, New York’s Coney Island, with the return of The Cleaners, a New York faction from the first The Division, confirmed.

Episode 3 is guaranteed to contain two new main missions, as well as two classified assignments, and one Specialisation, which looks set to be revealed this week.

Ubisoft has confirmed that its Year One Pass will provide access to the Classified Assignments and instantly unlock the new Specialisation.

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Here’s a further breakdown of the story and setting for The Division 2 Episode 3 DLC coming later this month:

“Agents get an alarm that Vitaly Tchernenko has resurfaced in New York in the hands of Black Tusk in Coney Island.

“Tchernenko is one of very few surviving expert virologists, and would help the efforts to mass-produce the broad-spectrum antivirals.

“The Black Tusk aren’t confined to Washington, DC, and are active at a national level (at least).

“The Cleaners have adapted to the defeat of their leader, Joe Ferro, and found a new leader to unite them and new recruits to join their mission of burning away people they think are infected.

“Division Agents must go to Coney Island, secure Tchernenko, and figure out how he fits into Black Tusk’s larger plan.

“Since The Division, the death of Larae Barret has caused the Rikers to splinter into smaller groups. The Last Man Battalion, meanwhile, still have a command structure in place.”


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