The iPad accessory we've all been waiting for is launching NEXT WEEK

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The iPad accessory we've all been waiting for is launching NEXT WEEK 1

Apple’s iPad could finally replace your ageing laptop with the latest model getting a very clever new Magic Keyboard. The new iPad Pro was announced last month and during the launch event, Apple revealed this exciting new accessory. Sadly, the US firm also revealed that, although the tablet would go on sale immediately, those wanting the case would need to wait until May.

Luckily, that release date now appears to have changed with the Magic Keyboard now available to pre-order and some customers expected to take delivery of it next week.

So what’s so special about this new keyboard case you may ask?

Well, unlike Apple’s previous cases this new version comes with some unique features including a MacBook-style trackpad and design that allows the tablet to appear as if it’s floating.

Along with looking pretty cool the cantilevered construction also means users can adjust the tilt of the screen to almost any position – something that isn’t possible on the current iPad keyboard accessory.

Other features include backlit keys, easy cursor controls and a USB-C port which can charge the keyboard and tablet at the same time.

And for added security, when Magic Keyboard is attached and closed, the iPad Pro microphones are disconnected, preventing any audio data from being compromised.

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With Apple now bringing mouse support to its tablet range via an iOS update, the Magic Keyboard makes a whole lot of sense and could be a real game-changer.

If you’re excited by this upgrade then you can purchase the Magic Keyboard right now although it certainly doesn’t come cheap.

The new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro is £299 for the 11-inch iPad Pro and £349 for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

It’s also worth noting that the new iPad Pro models which it clips too are also pretty pricey with things starting from £769 for the 11-inch model and rising to £969 if you want the larger 12.9-inch screen.

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