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The Mandalorian season 2 theories: Mando mourning lost lover as fans spot armour clue

The Mandalorian season 2 theories: Mando mourning lost lover as fans spot armour clue 1

Other than a ruthless devotion to his creed, the titular Mandalorian of the series is shrouded in mystery. With season two of the Star Wars series set to return to Disney Plus in 2020, fans have spotted some revealing clues about the bounty hunter’s past.

Episode six of the epic action series will continue on Disney Plus this Friday, as Din Djarin (played by Pedro Pascal) shields Baby Yoda from the threats of the Star Wars universe.

Although Din Djarin, or “Mando” as his associates call him, has already become yet another iconic character for the Star Wars mythos, most of his past remains a mystery.

Many casual Star Wars fans initially believed the series would mark the return of fan favourite character Boba Fett, who was last seen meeting an unfortunate demise in Return of the Jedi.

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However, as The Mandalorian takes place several years after the death of the notorious bounty hunter, it was quickly confirmed the protagonist would be a completely new creation for the ongoing Star Wars franchise.

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Not only is this bounty hunter not to be found at the bottom of a Sarlacc Pit, Mando’s charcoal grey armour is missing the signature green and red motifs of Boba Fett’s classic outfit.

Despite the new costume ruling out any connection to the original trilogy character, some fans have dug deep into Star Wars lore, and may have revealed some enticing info about Din Djarin before it’s revealed on the show.

One dedicated viewer took to Reddit to suggest how the Mandalorian armor codes reveal a tragic event in Mando’s past.

Redditor Clone_Chaplain posted: “Gray Armor = Mourning a Lost Love. Romantic? Platonic? Mourning generally?”

In addition to the grey coding, red armor indicates a warrior is honoring a parent, while black and gold armours represent justice and vengeance, respectively.

With Ahsoka Tano heavily tipped to make her live action debut played by Rosario Dawson in season two, some fans believe she could be introduced as a new love interest for Mando.

Fans should always be wary of the Star Wars canon, though, as there have been so many extended television series, novels and video games some specific details can get lost in the shuffle.

Moreover, following Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm, much of Star Wars’ canon was scrubbed to make way for The Force Awakens and the subsequent sequels and prequels in the last few years.

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