The Masked Singer on FOX: Producer shares major Masked Dancer spin-off update

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Kandi Burruss joined previous winners of the show T-Pain and Wayne Brady in the latest divisive episode of The Masked Singer season three.

Although television production has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, the Fox network hopes casting and filming for season four can still get underway in 2020.

Pending lockdown restrictions, the fourth outing for the top secret talent competition is currently eying an Autumn 2020 release date.

In addition to a new roster of celebrities flexing their vocal skills on stage, there has been plenty of speculation a spin-off series, called The Masked Dancer, could be in the works.

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The Masked Singer on FOX: Producer shares major Masked Dancer spin-off update (Image: Getty Images/Fox)

The offshoot series would add even more challenges to the already cryptic proceedings, as fans wouldn’t be able to recognise the costumed celebrities by their voices.

The spin-off was confirmed to be in early discussion back in January 2020, with talk show host Ellen Degeneres serving as a producer for the series.

A recent interview with Masked Singer executive producer Craig Plestis for TVGuide has provided some insight for the show’s current production stages.

Craig confirmed: “We’re still talking. We’re hoping we can move ahead in the year ahead.”

“There’s no idea exactly; we leave that up to Fox. But we’re all enthusiastic about some of the pre-planning that was happening pre-COVID.”

Depending on how the coronavirus pandemic pans out throughout the rest of the year, The Masked Dancer’s production trajectory could seal a 2021 broadcast for the first season.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a serious blow to the already demanding behind-the-scenes work for the popular TV competition, including planned dates for The Masked Singer’s live shows being pushed back.

Craig continued: “It will resume for future dates. A lot of people signed on, so there was excitement… it would be celebs from the show as well as others.”

As speculation for the upcoming spin-off series continues, fans have been wondering how the show’s already complicated format could translate to a dance competition.

When the series was confirmed, one viewer took to Reddit and suggested the series could take its inspiration from the original Korean version of the spin-off show.

Redditor TictacTyler said: “Honestly I don’t know how this would work. I’m sure people would tune in for the absurdity of a let’s say dancing kangaroo. But I don’t know if they would watch for weeks guessing who it is.

“I hope they go the original Korean route for this. A group performs. A winner each episode. Everyone gets unmasked each episode. New group next week.”

During the wildly unpredictable third instalment of Fox’s performance-based series, social media was already flooded with posts about masked celebs.

Now a fourth season and spin-off are both set to broadcast throughout 2020 and 2021, the wave of new content could prove too much for Fox viewers.

However, as the third season of The Masked Singer still managed to pull in millions of viewers each week, if The Masked Dancer gets the format right the network could have yet another huge hit on their hands.

The Masked Singer is expected to return in 2020 on Fox.

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