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The Masked Singer’s Queen Bee star revealed after massive accent clue?

Queen Bee on ITV’s The Masked Singer has wowed the panellists and viewers with her soaring vocals, with her double-bill of performances blowing viewers away on The Masked Singer on Saturday night. Her crowd-pleasing renditions of Whitney Houston’s The Greatest Love of All and Beyonce’s Work It Out brought the house down.

But a clue in the episode meant viewers think they have finally managed to guess who is inside the stripy disguise – thanks to a hint about her accent, with a former girl band member the favourite to be unmasked.

So far the panel has been a little stumped about her identity, but there is one clue which has fans certain they know who’s wearing the strange doll head.

A clear frontrunner among aural sleuths on social media is a former member of Girls Aloud – but not Nadine Coyle.

Instead, Nicola Roberts has emerged as the favourite to be unmasked a Queen Bee.

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The Masked Singer: Accent holds key to identifying Queen Bee (Image: Getty/ITV)

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What viewers believe they’ve spotted is an obvious Scouse accent, something Nicola prides herself on.

One fan of The Masked Singer couldn’t believe others can’t hear a Scouse accent, posting on Twitter: “How are people not hearing scouse in queen bee’s voice?? Deffo Nicola Roberts.”

Another was straight to the point in their theory: “Queen Bee has a scouse accent. It’s Nicola Roberts.”

But there was another hint the singer behind the Queen Bee mask was Nicola.

The Masked Singer: Is Nicola Roberts underneath the mask? (Image: ITV)

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The Masked Singer: Nicola Roberts is favourite to be Queen Bee (Image: ITV)

During her VT before her performance, Queen Bee revealed she couldn’t speak French – and fan theories went into overdrive.

Can’t Speak French is a song by Girls Aloud and taking to Twitter with their assumptions, one fan said: “I can’t speak French… definitely a clue. Nicola Roberts.”

A second posted: “If people don’t think Queen Bee is Nicola Roberts, there’s a Girls Aloud song called ‘I Can’t Speak French’. Still can’t hide the scouse accent. Fantastic voice!”

Another wrote: “Queen Bee… she can’t speak French? Obviously Nicola Roberts.”

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One tweeted how “obvious” Queen Bee’s identity is, saying: “Queen Bee is 100% Nicola from Girls Aloud… saying ‘French isn’t my language’ in a Scouse accent is the most obvious clue ever!!!”

However, fans were also annoyed at the apparent confusion over accents on the celebrity panel.

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Ken Jeong, Davina McCall, Rita Ora, and Jonathan Ross are the famous faces attempting to guess the concealed famous faces.

Davina reckoned Queen Bee is Jesy Nelson from Little Mix, who doesn’t have a Scouse accent.

A viewer fumed on Twitter at the inability to distinguish between regional accents: “How are people still guessing Geordies for queen bee, that accent is SO clearly scouse”

Another said even Queen Bee had said she’s not a Geordie, which meant any guess of Jade Thirlwall from Girls Aloud would be invalid.

The user posted: “Queen Bee literally just said she isn’t Geordie so rules out Jade.”

However, some are still convinced Queen Bee is a Geordie and criticised “southerners” for not understanding Northern accents.

One posted: “Queen Bee is Jade from Little Mix, yous southerners couldn’t spot a Geordie accent if you tried.”

But all these clues have led to some total confusion, with one viewer believing Queen Bee has a Geordie accent and so must be Nadine Coyle, who is in fact from Derry: “That’s definitely a Geordie accent from #QueenBee… 

“And while I was thinking Jesy or Jade from Little Mix, ‘Don’t Speak French’ and ‘Ooh La La’ means it has to be Girls Aloud. Nadine Coyle”

The recognition of the accent has made Queen Bee nervous and she admitted the panel are close to guessing who she is.

In a post-performance interview, she said: “I think the panel are dangerously close to guessing who I am. Keeping the secret is a full-blown mission.”

Will Nicola Roberts be unmasked in The Masked Singer’s grand final next week?

The Masked Singer continues on ITV next Saturday at 7pm.

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