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The Maths Factor: How to watch Carol Vorderman's The Maths Factor

The Maths Factor: How to watch Carol Vorderman's The Maths Factor 1

How to watch The Maths Factor online

Countdown legend Carol Vorderman has created The Maths Factor, a site (themathsfactor.com) featuring videos where she teaches children basic skills.

Following the news the government was shutting down schools across the country, Vorderman confirmed she would be making her subscription-based site free for users during the closure period.

Usually, The Maths Factor costs £2 per week to access content and with users required to sign up.

Along with short lessons and exercises, there are educations games children can play on the site to help them learn.

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According to the site, The Maths Factor is matches to the National Curriculum.

Taking to Twitter, Vorderman posted to her 429,000 followers: “My maths school http://themathsfactor.com is usually about £2 a week.

“I want to help so it’s now FREE for children age 4-11 until schools open.

“We’re uploading massive server capabilities, pls bear with us. With all my love #HomeSchooling @themathsfactor @PearsonSchools.”

The site features simply videos in which the mathematician and presenter takes children through basic sums.

The Maths Factor has been developed with the help of Pearson, which provides educational resources for children.

The videos provide educational material for children from the ages of 4 to 11.

In order to access the videos, users will have to sign up but there are also some free videos to give people a taster of what is available on The Maths Factor site.

While children may not be aware of Vorderman, to parents she is a household name with an IQ of 154.

She has a Masters degree from Cambridge University and was the first woman to appear on Channel 4’s Countdown back in 1982.

Vorderman is also a mother of two and dedicated to improve the mathematical skills of children around the country.

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