Home Travel The most 'overrated' cities to visit revealed - do you agree?

The most 'overrated' cities to visit revealed – do you agree?

The most 'overrated' cities to visit revealed - do you agree? 1

But which cities are more hype than they’re worth? A Reddit thread entitled ‘Most overrated cities to visit’, has seen users discuss the many places they dreamed of visiting but ended up disliking once they landed in these holiday hotspots.

Some of the cities on the list will come as a surprise to many, with users selecting cities based in Italy to Japan.

One user opened the discussion as she revealed her dislike for Florence. She said: “Florence has an amazing history, culture and museums, but the rest of the city was just so, so for me.”

She argued that the growing popularity of the city has changed it, and that the city she fell in love with no longer exists.

She said: “Tourists have almost completely driven all the authenticity away. Restaurants are half the quality of the rest of Italy for twice the price.

“Plus the super narrow sidewalks are overcrowded and pedestrians are pulled onto the streets. Bologna, Modena, and Parma are just so much better of an experience.”

According to Statista, the number of tourist overnight stays in Florence has been growing over the last few years, from 7.9 million tourists in 2012 to roughly 15.4 million stays in 2018.

However, the average length of tourists’ stay in the city did not exceed three days in 2016, meaning visitors aren’t staying in Florence for too long.

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In 2017, Malaysia was the eighth most visited city in the world and according to Tourism Malaysia, the country received over 25.8 million arrivals in 2018.

3,092 miles away, Kyoto was named as another overrated city to visit, with a commentator claiming the expectations and the reality of the city were vastly different.

“In Kyoto, I arrived to a huge mobs of tourists and crammed public transit, which basically killed my ability to appreciate the promised peaceful & refined vibes.

“The expectation and reality were so different. However, I’m considering giving it another try and cycling around the outskirts to see if I ‘did it wrong’.”

Another user said: “Amsterdam was very overrated to me. Granted, I was only there for three days so there’s a lot I didn’t see, but what I did see didn’t leave much of an impression.”

Others mentioned in the thread included American cities Los Angeles, Portland and New Orleans.

However, some cities that made the list came with some controversial comments.

Berlin was described by one user as “seedy”, Barcelona as “depressing” and Paris as “inconvenient”.

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