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The New Normal: Yeo Siang Tiong

What is your WFH routine like?

“For me, while remote working blurred the line between our professional and personal lives, it is important that we keep them balanced to avoid feeling burnt out or feeling demotivated.

“I try to maintain my usual schedule before the Circuit Breaker was implemented in Singapore. I wake up early, log-in on time, and see to it that I keep a work schedule as well as a family schedule.“

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How does it differ from working in the office?

“It is different mainly because I am inside the comfort of my home. However, I made it a point to re-create the professional ambience.

“I have all my working essentials such as notepads, phones, calculators, stationery, etc, which allow me to stay productive throughout the workday.

“Aside from these, given that I am out of my office network, I use a secure VPN connection, ensure that I have security solutions installed on my computer and my smartphones, and keep my devices and software up to date.”

Do you have a designated area in your home that functions as a workspace/ home office?

“Yes. I built a makeshift office inside my room. I have a foldable table where I set-up my workspace.”

Does it give you a better work life balance?

“Many may think staying at home could be counter-productive, but the truth is that, we could still get a lot of work done. It is a matter of setting the mind and inculcating self-motivation.

“As a general manager, I am also constantly in touch with my team, not just about business matters but to check on their personal wellness as well. I always emphasise to them that it is important to maintain our sanity in the middle of these uncertainties.

“Yes, I also have more time with my family and I guess we are now reminded of how important keeping a balance is between our professional and personal lives.”

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Has spending time at home given you the opportunity to pick up new hobbies?

“I am currently learning how to cycle (I could not before!) and I am reading up on more Chinese classics in philosophy, cryptocurrency, block chain, and more. Interestingly, I have spent less time on TV, which is not a loss.”

Is there a possibility of continuing to WFH for you and your team?

“Our Southeast Asia office is located in Malaysia and we have been monitoring the situation there closely. The underlying truths is, at Kaspersky, the safety of all employees is our priority and we strictly adhere to the guidelines given by the government.”

Yeo Siang Tiong, general manager of Kaspersky, Southeast Asia.


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