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The Old Guard review: Charlize Theron owns the screen in otherwise stale Netflix entry

Her refusal to accept her new powers do get a little grating, however, as she continually questions her newfound ability.

The undead-healing clips in The Old Guard are fantastic. Horror fans will feel right at home here, as they will see a number of stabbings, gunshots, and combusted intestines to keep them happy.

While not much can be said about Chiwetel Ejiofor’s story, he delivers a similarly touching performance which will be noted by all viewers.

The Old Guard puts a number of wrote action-adventure soldier-movie tropes into a subtle supernatural box and expects it to work. Many of these aspects do – the Wolverine-esque healing, the heart wrenching backstories, the unbreakable band of brothers – but many other aspects of the plot simply feel stale. The film’s antagonist is entirely forgettable, and never truly has enough time to blossom into terrifying villainy. When disappointing foes such as this come up against Theron’s enjoyable arrival as Andy, the film feels a little despondent. The Old Guard’s plot starts strong but struggles to keep the momentum it begins with, which may leave fans disappointed by the end of the film. Thankfully, with a strong ensemble cast including Nile star Layne, there is a lot to love about the film. The Old Guard will no doubt have its fans, and with such glorious sequel-bait placed within the credits, they will almost certainly see the world of Theron’s Andy again in the future.

The Old Guard is out Friday on Netflix.

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