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THE idea of bringing his imagination to life motivated toy creator, K. Chetan Kumar to design figurines and custom-made toys. Chetan has also been able to turn his unique passion into a business venture.

“I create custom-made figurines [which comprise] movie characters, cartoon dinosaurs and others. My most recent toy is the crazy hyena, [which I created] for a client,” said 35-year-old Chetan, who also recently began sharing his toy-making process on his Youtube channel, Noisy Arts Home of Custom.

“I create [certain] figurines, especially dinosaurs, because I [want] to capture the moment, or what could have happened during a specific period of time, and bring those moments to life.

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“I can also make a figurine based on [my client’s] imagination and [try to make it] look alive, almost as if it is moving.”

Apart from animals, Chetan also makes custom toy cars with impressive details, considering the tiny amount of clay he uses to sculpt them.

“It’s pure satisfaction at the end of the day if I am able to achieve the imagined goal of mine,” said Chetan.

“My very first figurine was of a T-Rex, it took me days to understand the basic anatomy and to sculpt the figurine to look realistic. Trying to locate the materials was another big challenge.

“It takes time to make a single figurine. The more complex the figurines are, the more time I need to spend on sculpting. Size does matter. The smaller the [figurine], the more challenging it is,” said Chetan, who also posts his creations on Instagram (@noisyartsstudio).

For example, to create a dinosaur figurine that is as realistic as possible, Chetan must research the right colours, skin texture and patterns, as well as unique features like wings, horns or beaks.

He makes most of the toys or figurines using standard sculpting tools, including armatures and drills.

“I would say my imagination flows through my hands and turns it into reality,” said Chetan, who added that he would love to have a more professional set up or workplace.

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