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The Trial of Christine Keeler: BBC ‘reluctant’ to give model’s family a preview of drama

The Trial of Christine Keeler: BBC ‘reluctant’ to give model’s family a preview of drama 1

Christine Keeler was the woman at the centre of one of the 20th Century’s biggest scandals but before the BBC drama aired, her son Seymour Platt revealed the broadcaster was “reluctant” to show him a full preview of the series.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, he told hosts Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway: “Well I’ve only seen two episodes.

“The BBC are a little reluctant to show me the entire thing.

“I completely understand why that is because I’d be a loose cannon for them, I’m the son and it’s how I would take it.”

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Seymour went on to add he thinks actress Sophie Cookson took on the role of his mother well.

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He commented: “I think it’s fair, the actress is really good at playing my mum.

“There are times I see my mum in her.”

Speaking about his mother, Seymour told Ben and Kate: “My mum was even naïve when I knew her.

“I was born 10 years after these events. But the woman I knew she was a devoted mum.

“She was quite a character, who was eccentric, funny and loved driving. We would laugh so much.”

Speaking about his role as Stephen, actor James Norton told press including Express.co.uk he “struggled” not to fall in love with him.

“You always have a responsibility to the writers and the producers and the people who have conceived the piece, but then you have this added responsibility to do it for the person you’re portraying,” he said.

“You have to honour them to a point and capture them and their soul, but also not mimic them. It’s about finding your version of them, or a way to express that person. But I like the challenge.”

James continued: “For me was not falling too heavily in love with Stephen Ward because he’s such a charismatic and enigmatic peculiar man.

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