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There is no limit to how far Britons can travel in new coronavirus rules Boris reveals

Boris Johnson was asked if there was a limit to how far Britons can travel under new rules.

One caller express concerns that Britons would flock to UK beauty spots.

The Lake District

Boris Johnson: In the same live stream he also cleared up whether people can meet in the park (Image: GETTY)

The caller, who is from the Lake District, asked: “Will, there be a limit on how far people are allowed to travel for their exercise as, if not, surely people will just flock to some of the worst hit areas, such as the Lake District, which is surely neither safe nor wise?”

The PM responded: “A lot of people have been asking this. What we saying is we want people to use the outdoors to be able to exercise in an unlimited way outdoors but they’ve got to obey social distancing.

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