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These are the best lawn mower deals for April 2020

Spring has officially arrived which means flowers will come in full bloom and the grass turns green once more. Nowadays, it may be safer for us to stay in the confines of our home but that doesn’t mean we can’t breathe in some fresh air and have some fun in our yards. Picnics and barbeques can still be well on the way if we’ve done our responsibility as homeowners to mow our lawns. The thought of cutting grass is hardly exciting but it sure is one thing while we’re stuck at home. If you don’t have a lawn mower hiding in the shed, you can buy a cheap lawn mower and expect it to deliver optimal results. And we’ve made it simpler for you by pooling together the best lawn mower deals available right now.

Today’s best lawn mower deals:

How to choose a lawn mower

Our yard is an extension of our home. While it would understandably take a significant amount of time and effort to maintain it does offer quite a few perks like having a patch of nature in the midst of this concrete jungle. It also gives you the chance to take up gardening as a hobby, host cookouts, and have a place to play and roam fir your kids and furry friends.

A manicured lawn is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye but also essential in keeping the grass green and healthy. If you’re concerned about your budget, you can bank on cheap lawn mowers to do the trick and they sure come in a variety of styles. Riding lawn mowers are ideal if you have a big lawn. This way, you can drive around and trim your lawn without your legs getting the bitter end of the job. Walk-behind mowers, on the other hand, are fairly more affordable since it involves manual labor. It could be a draining task to push it across your lawn especially during the hot summer months but you’d at least be able to work your muscles as you go. Self-propelled mowers are similar to walk-behind mowers but with less manpower, as they are easier to maneuver. You’ll just have to guide its path and the engine takes care of the heavy lifting. Then you have robotic lawn mowers that simply tick mowing off your to-do list.

The size of your lawn and the terrain are two important factors to consider in choosing the style. Needless to say, you wouldn’t want to exhaust your energy in hauling either a walk-behind or self-propelled mower in a yard that is more than half an acre wide. A standard push mower would be just fine if you’re operating on a flat lawn whereas a self-propelled mower would perform well if you have hills to navigate.

Mowers are typically powered by gas or electricity. It is common for cheap lawn mowers to be ignited by gas, then again it could be more expensive in the long run with regard to the cost of fuel, spark plugs, filters, oil, and the like. Electric models then call for a bigger investment upfront but you’ll be spared from spending on replacement parts and a noisy motor. It is also better for the environment since it won’t be expelling harmful greenhouse emissions. You’ll also have the option to choose between wired or battery-powered, that is if you’re willing to work within the cord’s length or its limited battery life. The advantage gas models have over electric ones is that it is generally more powerful particularly when your grass is on the thicker side.

The deck’s size would then determine the span of its blades. That said, it is safe to assume that larger decks would have wider clearing paths which in turn takes less time to go through your entire lawn. Smaller decks are the ones to get if you don’t want to have a hard time maneuvering.

As for grass clippings, cheap lawn mowers usually discharge them on the side or back to your lawn. It may not look as polished but it cultivates a lush covering once it disintegrates and acts as a fertilizer. But then if your clippings are thick, you’ll have to perform the extra step of raking your lawn. A mower with a bag is more costly since you’d have to purchase the bag separately, but you’d be able to keep your focus on mowing and not worry about the grass clippings completely. It’s a solid option if you avail of a lawn mower deal.

While lawn mowers are more often than not straightforward machines, you’d appreciate a unit with a number of features built-in and one that is compatible with several attachments. A washout port, for instance, would make it easier to clean while those that can auto-restart will enable you to work nonstop. Then if you don’t have much storage space, you’d want to go for a collapsible model with folding handles. And those with uniform wheels to effortlessly glide on flat or rugged terrains.

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