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‘They should be shot!’ Jeremy Paxman erupts as he blasts local councils over rubbish

The broadcaster stunned viewers during an interview on Sky News where he discussed members of the public who litter. Mr Paxman’s shocking comments regarding local authorities led to some listeners to take to social media to discuss the interview. Mr Paxman also told Sky’s Mark Austin that some of the British public do not care about littering.

Mr Paxman said: “If people do litter, they don’t need any incitement to do this, you find that they will do it at any time.

“People do it because they don’t care.

“They don’t care about somebody else having to clear up their rubbish.

“They don’t care that by getting rid of their problem they have created a problem for somebody else and still a problem for themselves.


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Jeremy Paxman appeared on Sky News (Image: Sky News)

Jeremy Paxman was interviewed by Sky’s Mark Austin (Image: Getty)

“Thirdly, if local authorities really are closing up bins then the local authorities should be taken out and shot.”

Some viewers took to Twitter to share their reactions to the Sky interview.

One Twitter user wrote: “You’d think Jeremy Paxman would be a better guest than that considering he’s a broadcaster himself. Basically on just to have a moan.”

Another tweeted: “Paxman on my telly saying local authorities should be ‘taken outside and shot’ for not providing bins and ‘people will go to the beach and be idiots whatever, they don’t need instruction’.

“Funny, they were pretty compliant until Cummings blew lockdown sky high. Go home Paxman.”

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A third said: “Jeremy Paxman moving mad.”

Another tweeted: “Paxman vs Sky News is a glorious thing.”

However, some viewers were impressed with Mr Paxman’s performance and praised the broadcaster.

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Paxman was praised by some Twitter users (Image: Getty)

One Twitter user said: “I’m with Paxman about the shooting. Given the gov’t-generated confusion, people are individually going out. Local authorities should close the beaches/parks/roads or provide facilities.”

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Another tweeted: “I’ve just seen Jeremy Paxman talking about litter on @skynews with @markaustintv. Fantastic TV.”

A third wrote: “I’d vote for The Paxman tomorrow if he stood for PM! Poor Mark Austin has probably gone for a lie-down and aspirin now.”

Another said: “Say what you want about Jeremy Paxman, but in terms of news/entertainment, he’s Box Office! He’s just had a bit of pantomime banter with @markaustintv on Sky News.”

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