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This change to Fortnite chests would make looting so much better

A quality of life chest update suggested on Reddit has gained a lot of support from the community. There aren’t many Fortnite players who wouldn’t want this.

The way that chests work in Fortnite has never varied very much. The only major adjustment came at the beginning of Chapter 2, when Epic made it so that breaking a chest would drop its contents. This change was incredibly popular and made the looting experience so much smoother, maybe it’s time for another simple improvement.

[SUGGESTION]: I think that the way loot is categorized and distributed from chests needs to change. What do you all think of this idea? from r/FortNiteBR

User u/jrushFN shared an idea which has gained a lot of traction within the r/FortNiteBR subreddit. They suggested that chests should drop four types of item rather than three, giving players a weapon, healing item, utility item and materials. This has two huge benefits:

Firstly, by guaranteeing some form of healing, be it shield or white health, you dramatically reduce RNG. There’s nothing worse than winning a fight, being left on low HP, and not being able to find so much as a Bandage. By nature, this also increases the chances of finding shield, which can often be a real struggle.

Secondly, jrushFN pointed out that this change would allow for more freedom to add new items. In the past, the developers have come under fire for introducing crazy items which clog up the loot pool and make it harder to get your hands on much needed shields. However, if both healing and utility items were granted from every chest, this wouldn’t be a concern.

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There aren’t many negatives with this idea. You can’t have too many heals, most players will hold a maximum of two medical items at a time, not wanting to sacrifice any more inventory slots. With the current loot pool, a guaranteed utility item could well lead to an excess of Grenades, so potentially the spawn rates of individual items would need to be looked at.

It’s great to see positive posts like this from the Fortnite community which give feedback and suggest how to improve the game without any negativity. It would be good to see more of these simple quality of life adjustments implemented as they go a long way to making things more enjoyable.

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