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This Fortnite bug needs to be fixed NOW

A game-breaking glider bug has been ruining people’s matches for weeks now but is seemingly going unnoticed by Epic.

In a title with as many variables as Fortnite, the odd glitch or technical slip up is inevitable. Whilst some of these issues are resolved within hours, others go weeks or even months without any attention.

One such bug which is frustrating the competitive community especially, effects players who redeploy their glider after the original drop from the Battle Bus. This could occur when using one of the slipstreams at Steamy Stacks or The Grotto, or simply when hitting a Launch Pad.

When hit with the bug, players move incredibly slowly when gliding. Once it happens, the issue will stay with you throughout the game. This makes using a Launch Pad to rotate a death sentence, which isn’t ideal when they are currently the only form of mobility.

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Turner “Tfue” Tenney and his trio have been landing at The Grotto during scrims. Almost every single match, at least one of the three are struck with this bug, regularly leading to disaster in the late game. On Thursday night, it got to the point where they decided enough is enough and stopped using the slipstream altogether.

With no more updates scheduled until the end of the season, we could well see this problem persist for the next week or two. Hopefully, the Season 3 patch will feature a selection of bug fixes, including a solution to this glider issue.

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