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This fans gobsmacked as Corrie's Thorp and Andrew

Coronation Street actress Thorp and former GMTV star ed on today’s instalment of This Morning.

The pair were discussing the pictures that circulated yesterday of swarms of people gathering on Bournemouth beach, ignoring social distancing rules.

, 31, shared her thoughts on the matter and said that as much as she didn’t want to take away “people’s liberties,” the worrying photos made her believe that perhaps we should close the beaches again.

, 56, said he can see why people are gathering in mass numbers due to the recent stories about illegal lockdown raves.

Thorp and ed on the show

He then compared the beach gatherings to people coming together to protest in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

interjected and said: “I’m sorry, but you cannot compare the two.”

She then went on to reference the evidence that people from BAME communities are at greater risk of contracting coronavirus.

then reiterated: “You cannot compare the two.”

Nicola Thorp and Andrew Castle had differing views
Thorp and had differing views

snapped back: “I just did.”

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The fiery certainly prompted a lot of opinions from viewers at home.

One social networker remarked: “ really just tried to compare Black people fighting for equality with illegal raves and going to the beach?????”

While another continued: “Really comparing BLM protesters to beach goers? Therein lies the problem.”

Ruth and Eamonn were celebrating their anniversary on today's show
Ruth and Eamonn were celebrating their anniversary on today’s show

However, a third added: “Well I’m sure we can all get on with our day now we know Thorp’s views on current affairs.”

Later on in the programme hosts Eamonn and Ruth spoke to the Mayor of Bournemouth, Councillor Susan Phillips, who claimed that most of the people coming to Bournemouth beach are from outside of the area and begged them to not come.

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