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This Morning in chaos as Richard Madeley takes over for Eamonn Holmes 'Just go away!'

This Morning fans did a double-take when they tuned into the latter half of the show as Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes were joined in the studio by the original presenters Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan. Richard and Judy were there to discuss this year’s book competition and during the conversation, a throwback clip was played which showed the time Richard stepped in at the last minute to present a show with Ruth, after Eamonn was stuck in traffic and late to the studio. 

Following two delicious dishes cooked by resident chef James Martin, an update from the doctor and Rob Rinder helping viewers with their legal matters, Ruth and Eamonn were joined by Richard and Judy.

The pair, who are both successful solo authors spoke about their new competition which could see someone’s novel become an overnight success, enjoyed reminiscing on a previous time they were together with Eamonn and Ruth in the studio. 

Eamonn said: “When you first came on this morning – as contributors rather than presenters – to talk about your book club, it was ten years ago. 

“And the skies had opened, and there was rain pouring down everywhere and London was gridlocked.” 

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Interjecting, Richard added: “Oh you were late!” 

“First and only time!” Eamonn hit back and continued: “And Ruth was there on her own and your knight in shining armour stepped it! 

“Luckily Richard was there and he did – for no extra cost – here we go,” he said introducing the throwback clip. 

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“Morning! Please do not adjust your set!” Ruth was heard telling This Morning viewers ten years ago. 

“Yes it is Richard Madeley not Eamonn Holmes – I haven’t got rid of him or anything, we’ve only been married for eight weeks!” 

Seeing him out the corner of his eye, Richard said: “No Eamonn! I’m sorry mate! If you’re not in it you can’t win it!” 

“I thought you had retired,” Eamonn remarked and after shaking hands with Richard he was pushed out of the camera’s view. 

“Excuse me, just go away,” Richard said and continued to read the autocue. 

This Morning first aired in 1988 and was hosted by husband and wife Richard and Judy. 

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