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This Morning thrown into chaos as Holly and Phil expose Josie Gibson wardrobe malfunction

Regular This Morning presenter Josie Gibson joined hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby via video link today to report from a Somerset forest where residents have reported hearing ghostly goings-on. Dress in a Ghostbusters costume, Josie told the ITV hosts she was going to investigate. However, the show was soon derailed from the “ghost-busting” as Phil and Holly spotted a major wardrobe malfunction on Josie’s outfit.

The segment started in disorganised fashion from the off as Josie was supposed to be hiding before the camera cut to her.

Instead, Josie could be seen in plain sight, ruining the surprise and prompting Phil to blare out: “She’s wrecked that.”

However, soon their attention was turned to a rather glaring split in the crotch of Josie’s Ghostbusters outfit.

Holly quickly asked what had happened, asking: “Just from an outfit point of view, you’ve got a little split there…”

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Josie added: “But we’re not going to concentrate on it for today, we’re gonna concentrate on this ghost hunting, because we’re gonna track down this ghoul.”

However, Phil wasn’t so keen to move the show on before asking for more answers.

He quizzed Josie: “Hang on, hang on. You filled up the car dressed like that?”

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Luckily for Josie, it appeared communication has been cut as she stood in silence in response to Phil’s question.

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