This simple road error could see police stop your car and issue you with a £2,500 fine

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Failing to properly secure your side wing mirrors could see police officers pull you over and issue strict penalties for dangerous driving. This is because wing mirrors help you identify hazards immediately behind you as well as in your blind spot.

They are crucial to identify where cyclists may be in traffic and give motorists a general idea of when vehicles may be overtaking.

However, these are one of the least secure parts of the car and can be easily knocked off or scraped during general road use.

Failing to get these repaired can then have devastating consequences with heavy fines potentially issued roadside.

Alongside this, vehicles are likely to fail their MOT test if they do not have the mirrors in place which means the car will need to be fixed and replaced.

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This simple road error could see police stop your car and issue you with a £2,500 fine

Wing mirror damage can see motorists hit with fines (Image: Getty)

The law states you need two mirrors intact on a vehicle at all times with one of these being on the driver’s side.

This does technically mean you can drive without one mirror as long as the other two are fully operational.

However, failing to see properly could increase your risk of having a car crash and risking injury or further car damage.

Fixing a mirror can start from just £15 and motorists are urged to not take the risk on faulty car equipment if they wish to avoid further penalties.

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Halfords Autocentres Managing Director Andy Randall said: “Fixing a broken wing mirror may not seem like an urgent priority.

“However many motorists are likely to be unaware they could be landed with a fine of up to £2,500 if they don’t get it repaired.

“You legally need two working mirrors and one must be on the driver’s side and it’s also a definite MOT fail.”

Minor damage is often forgotten by motorists because of how little it affects the overall driving experience and apparent ease in getting the issue fixed.

This means it can be delayed or put off which increases the risk to the road user.

Car insurance providers must be informed of any small damage to a policyholders vehicle as this can affect cover.

This is because even a small amount of damage can increase your overall perceived risk on the road.

Small damage may lead to further damage if repairs are not made so this will also offer car insurance firms a warning sign that a much bigger issue could be on its way.

Insurance holders may decide to slightly increase your premiums or keep them at the same price and just make a note of the incident.

However, failing to inform them could invalidate your agreement and insurers could refuse to pay for car repairs if they find out minor damage they did not know about had contributed to a larger accident.

Alongside damage to the windscreen, severe winter weather blocking your wing mirrors can cause devastating consequences.

Wing mirrors are a key part of your car’s visibility and must be clear at all times including on cold mornings.

This means road users must scrape ice and frost off a car windscreen and their wing mirrors before heading off on a journey to avoid another £2,500 charge.

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