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Tim Lovejoy: Sunday Brunch host tells daughters where money is in event of his death

Tim Lovejoy, 51, has spoken out on how he has informed his daughters on where his money and savings are stored in case he dies. The Sunday Brunch host opened up on how his outlook on death has changed following the loss of his brother James, who died from pancreatic cancer when the star was 35.

The TV presenter got candid on how he has recently begun preparing for death by having a conversation with his daughters Jamie Jeane, Grace and Rose about it. 

Last week, Tim told Marie Curie: “Literally this week I showed my daughters where my will was, where all my money’s kept, where all my savings are and stuff. 

“They’re 17 now so they’re more than capable of having that conversation. I’m trying to make it as easy as possible for them.”

“I have to die at some stage, and so I might as well discuss it with them,” he continued. “I have no problem discussing death.”

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Opening up on how he would like to die, Tim revealed he would like to be surrounded by loved ones.

“I’d love to die with my daughters surrounding me. So I could talk to them and give them all my stories,” he explained.

“I’d like to have my last day sitting in bed or wherever, talking to them. And I’d like a cup of tea. 

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“Hopefully, that’s the way most people get to die, with their loved ones around them.”

The TV star told how his outlook towards death was not always so candid, admitting he previously felt “pretty much immortal” until James’ death. 

He explained: “I was about 35 at the time, and I’d just had my kids. And then suddenly you start going, ‘Oh, Christ, people can die.’”

In an emotional admission, the small-screen star confessed it was “horrific” to watch his brother battle cancer.

Tim told how he witnessed his brother go through “extreme loneliness” for a long time as he came to terms with the disease. 

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