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Tom Jones wife: How did Linda react to Sir Tom’s affairs? ‘Beat me BLACK AND BLUE’

Sir Tom Jones is no ordinary singer as he now helps young talent find their place in the music industry. He is an icon and a legend, however he is also known as a bit of a womaniser. In his heyday he would reportedly bed hundreds of women, but how did his wife Linda react?



One thing is often subject to confusion, however – how did Sir Tom’s wife Linda react?

Sir Tom’s wife Melinda, known as Linda, was his childhood sweetheart, and the pair were together from the age of just 16.

Only a month after their marriage, Linda gave birth to their son, Mark, who went on to become Sir Tom’s manager and touring partner.

At the height of Sir Tom’s fame, he has admitted to bedding “hundreds of women,” nearing the number of 250 each year when he was topping the charts.

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Tom Jones wife: How did Linda react to Sir Tom’s affairs? (Image: Getty)

However, reports have varied on how Linda reacted to these dalliances, though Sir Tom confessed some time ago that at tone time, she “beat him black and blue” after reading some coverage in a newspaper.

Writing in the Daily Mail in 2006, Clemmie Moodie said: “After having countless affairs during their 49-year marriage, Sir Tom Jones could hardly argue hat he didn’t have it coming.

“He has revealed that his womanising ways once caused his long-suffering wife to beat him black and blue.

“Linda, who has stood by the 66-year-old singer throughout the decades of well-publicised philandering, snapped after reading about one infidelity in a newspaper.”

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Tom Jones and his wife Linda (Image: Getty)

Sir Tom spoke about the incident himself on American TV, saying: “She beat me up physically one night.

“I said, ‘Look, I’m sorry,’ and she’d got the newspaper there.

“She said, ‘You…’ I said, ‘There it is [pointing at chin],’ and she went ‘Bang!’ And then started kicking me.”

He said something very similar about when his wife saw reports of his affair with Miss World Marjorie Wallace, who was caught riding Sir Tom on the beach in Barbados in 1976.

He said: “I stood there and took it. She chinned me. She punched and shouted.”

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Tom Jones performing at the Queen’s birthday (Image: Getty)

“She’s the most important thing in my life. An unbelievable woman.”

He added: “Linda is the love of my life and she still is, even though she doesn’t look like she did.

“I don’t look like I did, either, but I try my best.”

In an interview one of his former conquests, Charlotte Laws, said Linda’s attitude was rather different to this.

Speaking to the Daily Mail in 2015: “We did have a conversation about it the first night and he indicated he had an open marriage.

Tom Jones with wife Linda and son Mark (Image: Getyy)

“He said it was more of a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ relationship.

“Linda knew and didn’t choose to make an issue of it. She wanted to stay married to him, that was basically what he told me in a nutshell.”

Laws claimed to have a three year relationship with Sir Tom, said the singer indicated his wife chose not to make an “issue” of his various dalliances.

Sir Tom Jones is featured on The Voice, which airs every Saturday at 8.30pm on ITV

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