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Tooth rot tots the victims of sweet drinks

Tooth rot tots the victims of sweet drinks 1

Shocking figures from NHS Digital show that in England last year, 83 children under the age of two had at least one tooth extracted due to decay. 

Nearly 36,000 children between the ages of two and 17, had a tooth pulled for the same reason.

The statistics also showed that 54 children aged nine or under had all of their teeth removed. 

Across England 2,806 patients of all ages had every tooth extracted. Although the reasons for this were not recorded sugary drinks and a lack of NHS dentists have been blamed. 

The British Dental Association (BDA), has called for more action to provide NHS dental care. 

A study it carried out revealed that of 355 dental practices surveyed, only 27 per cent were taking on new NHS patients. It is concerned that some children are not seeing a dentist at all.

The BDA says some parents are pouring fizzy drinks and sugary milkshakes into babies’ bottles causing their teeth to rot. 

The situation is mirrored in Wales, where dentist Lauren Harrhy, of Pontypool, Monmouthshire, said: “I’ve seen a two-year-old have to have nearly all of his teeth taken out.” 

She urged parents not to put sugary drinks in babies’ bottles or pile sugar on fruit. “Lots of people say ‘I thought I’d put a bit of milkshake in because they like it’, but milkshake is as sugary as Coke,” she said. 

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NHS chiefs in Wales rolled out the Designed to Smile scheme in 2009 in nurseries and schools in deprived communities after shock figures revealed that half of under-fives were suffering from tooth decay. 

Although the scheme, which included putting fluoride varnish on children’s teeth, has helped to reduce the number to a third the BDA said more still needed to be done to recruit NHS dentists.

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