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Top 5 UNMARKED Drop Spots in Season 3

In this video, we cover 5 relatively underutilized drop spots that you can add to your Season 3 rotation. Check it out!

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Landing at an unmarked drop spot doesn’t guarantee that you will be uncontested. If the loot is good enough, more players will want to fight you over it. With that said, we’ve selected a diverse range of unmarked drop spots that are contested at differing levels

1. Weather Station


Pros commonly refer to the Weather Station drop as a “coward’s move,” given the sole purpose of this unmarked drop is to rotate into the newest mythic point of interest Catty Corner

While it might not be the most brave play, getting an easy third party clean up can be some of the freest eliminations of your life. Plus, you’d get all that vault loot alongside Kit’s Charge Shotgun and Shockwave launcher

2. The Rig – East Islands


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The Rig has dissolved into a collection of Islands – which means you could argue this spot isn’t truly an unmarked location. Regardless, the density of loot alongside accessibility to so many fish spawns makes this route a must-try

If you ever find yourself within the southwestern quadrant of the map, try your luck at the east islands of The Rig

3. Center Gas Station


So many of you guys demanded that we included truly uncontested drop spots. While we cannot guarantee you will be uncontested every game at the Center Gas Station, it’s about close as you can get to abandoned

The loot is pretty scarce, but if you play your cards right and rotate around the waterfall – there should be enough loot to scrape by

Side note: the real value you get from this drop is prime positioning for the first few zones

4. Castle (West of Sweaty)


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The loot at Castle is severely underrated. There are 7 chests on this isolated island with an incredibly low chance of getting ambushed. As we mentioned with The Rig, since this drop spot is surrounded by water you will find more than enough fish

5. Houses North of Pleasant


This is my personal favorite drop spot so hear me out. Landing at this spot gives you 5 houses similar in style to Pleasant Park. If you’re contested, it’s usually by only one player and very easy to deal with if you follow the right loot path

I personally start at the brick house on the southwest and work my way up from there. The brick house is the only spot with two chests so you’re statistically more likely to have better loot than your opponents

There’s our favorite unmarked drop spots! Got a bone to pick with it? Let us know on Twitter

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