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Tory MP issues brutal swipe at Corbyn as Labour Party finally rejects ‘communist tyranny’

The chair of the Foreign Affairs committee delivered his scathing dig at Jeremy Corbyn as Parliament discussed China’s proposed changes to autonomy in Hong Kong. Tom Tugendhat welcomed a statement from Dominic Raab insisting the UK will not accept attempts from Beijing to impose new security laws on the autonomous territory. But the Tory MP also took the chance to congratulate the Labour Party for their change of conduct since the departure of Mr Corbyn.

Mr Tungendhat said: “I hugely welcome the statement from my Right Honourable Friend, the Foreign Secretary.

“May I also say I welcome a noticeably different attitude from the Opposition frontbenchers.

“Standing up to Communist tyranny for the first time in a political generation.

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“What we’re also seeing however in Hong Kong is a very, very different form of Government attempting to be imposed on the people there who have rights, agreed, in the Sino-British Joint Declaration.”

Tugendhat praised the Labour Party for now “standing up to Communist tyranny” (Image: PARLIAMENT TV•GETTY)

Tugendhat welcomed the Labour frontbenches’ criticism towards China’s behaviour (Image: PARLIAMENT TV)

Earlier in the session, Secretary Raab had said: “We don’t oppose Hong Kong passing its own national security law, we do strongly oppose such an authoritarian law being imposed by China in breach of international law.

“We’re not seeking to intervene in China’s internal affairs, only to uphold China to its international commitments just as China expects of the United Kingdom.

“We don’t seek to prevent China’s rise, far from it, we welcome China as a leading member of the international community and we look to engage with China on everything from trade to climate change.

“And it is precisely because we recognise China’s role in the world that we expect it to live up to the international obligations and the international responsibilities that come with it.”

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Jeremy Corbyn had previously asked the PM to condemn China over their actions in Hong Kong (Image: SKY NEWS)

The Foreign Secretary also warned Beijing their proposed changes to security laws in Hong Kong is in direct violation with their own rules.

Mr Raab continued: ”To be very clear and specific about this, the imposition of national security legislation on Hong Kong by the government in Beijing rather than through Hong Kong’s own institutions lies in direct conflict with Article 23 of China’s own basic law.

“And it lies in direct conflict with China’s international obligations freely assumed under the Joint Declaration.”

He added: “There is time for China to reconsider, there is a moment for China to step back from the brink and respect Hong Kong’s autonomy and respect China’s own international obligations.

“If China continues down this current path, if it enacts this national security law, we will consider what further response we make, working with those international partners and others.”

China’s new proposed laws reignited protests in Hong Kong (Image: EXPRESS.CO.UK)

There is increasing anger across the British Government over how the Communist regime has treated Hong Kong and is now threatening Taiwan.

Speaking to the Sunday Express, a source said “don’t be surprised if we end up recognising Taiwan and joining others in defending it with military assets.”

Taiwan is currently not recognised internationally because of China opposition but continued interference in Hong Kong could spur the UK to take action.

Romford MP Andrew Rossendale, who is a member of the all parliamentary group for Taiwan, said: “The treatment of Taiwan over the years has been nothing short of disgraceful. Only Lady Thatcher stood up to it when she visited the country.

“We cannot let the Chinese communist regime attack and overwhelm Taiwan. It is a beacon of western democracy in that part of the world and we and our allies must defend it.”


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