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Trapped pensioner forced to eat from bin after food delivery stolen from doorstep

The pensioner, known as Elizabeth, accidentally locked herself inside her Feltham home and could not get to the food left outside the property. A passerby took advantage of the situation and snatched the bags of supplies she had ordered online. 

The Metropolitan Police said the woman, who has no friends or family nearby, had no food left in her home and resorted to searching through her bin in a bid to stay alive.

After officers were notified about her plight they arrived with groceries and toiletries.

A spokesperson for the Met Police shared the story on the force’s Facebook page.

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Police found Elizabeth locked insider her home with nothing to eat (Image: GETTY)

Elizabeth had ordered food online but it was stolen (Image: GETTY)

They said Elizabeth had been “overwhelmed with the officer’s selflessness and generosity and thanked them for their help”.

They said: “Officers came to the aid of a pensioner who was trapped indoors and left to starve.”

They continued: “Unfortunately, she had managed to lock herself in and while confined to her home with no way of leaving, a callous individual took advantage of the situation and stole the food from the pensioner’s front doorstep, leaving her with nothing.”

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The woman told police she had been unable to retrieve her shopping because she was trapped in her home (Image: GETTY)

After gaining entry, the two policemen found she had no food in the fridge or cupboards. 

They headed to the shops and soon afterwards returned with much-needed supplies. 

“This is a remarkable example of what lengths our officers will go to, to protect local residents during this very challenging time,” the post read. 

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The elderly woman was unable to leave her home to get to a store (Image: GETTY)

An elderly couple shop in a supermarket (Image: GETTY)

“Well done PC’s Matt Hodge and Pat Peltier!”

The Met said it had put measures in place to ensure the pensioner’s “heart-breaking situation” is not repeated. 

The nationwide lockdown in the UK is showing no signs of being lifted anytime soon. 

The UK’s coronavirus death rate continues to rise (Image: EXPRESS)

Speaking at Downing Street’s daily press briefing on Wednesday, Chancellor Rishi Sunak said people should focus on the present situation rather than speculating on when the restrictions would be peeled back. 

He said the Government would hold an emergency COBRA meeting tomorrow to discuss lifting the lockdown. 

When the Prime Minsiter imposed the measures last month he said they would be reviewed in “three weeks”.


Police found bare shelves in Elizabeth’s kitchen (Image: GETTY)

Boris Johnson’s three-week review into the lockdown measures had been due on Monday, but Downing Street is now saying it will be “on or around” that mark.

Earlier, Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford said the lockdown will not end in Wales next week, ahead of the UK-wide review into the restrictions.

Mr Sunak declined to “speculate about the future”, saying the evidence to inform any review “will only be available next week”.


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