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Travel company offers doctors and nurses FREE Oktoberfest amid covid-19 – can you apply?

Travel company offers doctors and nurses FREE Oktoberfest amid covid-19 - can you apply? 1

Last week, the UK began a new tradition by clapping and cheering on the streets to show appreciation for NHS workers across the country. The incredible show last week encouraged another incredible turnout last night as people took to the streets clapping, cheering and banging frying pans to express their appreciation of the NHS and its carers.

“We’re healthy and with a roof over our heads, and all we have to do to do our part is stay home,” he said.

Despite many putting their holidays on hold due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Gravy is determined that their trip to Munich for Oktoberfest will go ahead, all thanks to the NHS and healthcare workers.

He continued: “We’re confident that our marquee trip – Munich’s Oktoberfest and our Stoketoberfest campsite and festival – will go ahead, BUT only because of the hard work and long hours the heroes from the NHS, and healthcare workers around the world, are putting in, not to mention the dangerous situation they’re putting themselves in. “

Not one to mince his words, Gravy branded frontline doctors and nurses “heroes” who deserve a party.

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“So we were thinking about the party that these heroes deserve on the other side of this bulls**t, and how we could assist that, because we pride ourselves on throwing a bit of a party.

“Every year we host some 8000 partiers, travellers and beer lovers from all over the world in Munich for Oktoberfest – up to 2000 young and young-at-heart legends from all over the world, drinking our all-inclusive on-site bar dry (we went through 30,000 litres of beer and 10,000 litres of sangria) before heading into the beer halls, and then returning to camp for bands and DJs and making out with each other – and maybe a little bit of sleep.

“So why not offer the legends who are saving our a***s a free p**s up at Oktoberfest?”

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The Australian based in sunny Barcelona admitted that the trip could take them even further out of pocket.

However, he said that working with people who have been on the frontline of the coronavirus outbreak to keep others safe, would be worth it.

He added: “Yeah, it’ll probably make us even more skint than we already are (unless all their non-NHS pals come along, hint hint), but it’ll be worth it to party alongside the people who have been on the frontlines through this, doing whatever they can to keep the rest of us safe.

“It would be an honour for us to host the nurses and doctors and surgeons and administrators and cleaners and, well, everybody in healthcare who’s going to appreciate a nice cold German beer or 60.

“It’s the b****y least we can do!”

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