Home Travel Travelex site still offline 21 days after hack began - latest update

Travelex site still offline 21 days after hack began – latest update

Travelex site still offline 21 days after hack began - latest update 1

Foreign currency and travel money service Travelex is still unavailable after being attacked by a virus on 31 December, 2020.

The London-headquartered business has been criticised by customers for a crippling ransomware attack which struck on New Years Eve, forcing it to take systems offline.

As a result, several customers have complained about concerns over their data being secure and that foreign currency they ordered is unavailable and left them out of pocket.

As the delay to the service continues, the firm provided an update on Friday, stating that they’d been working this month to restore online and customer-facing systems.

“In the week beginning 6 January 2020, we began the successful recovery of internal systems necessary to restore our customer facing services.

“The following week, we began the recovery of externally facing systems too.

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“In addition to our ongoing investigation, a primary focus continues to be restoring our customer-facing systems, some of which are now successfully living in the UK.”

The company highlighted that they have restored some of the internal and order processing systems – however, they could not confirm when services will be back up and running.

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“Since January 1, we have continued to provide services to customers in-store and have provided interim customer solutions for our Travelex Money Cards.

“We have started restoring forex order processing electronically in our UK stores and in some of our UK retail partner locations, and we are also now starting our VAT refund service in UK airports.

“We are also making good progress on restoring our proprietary UK International Money Transfer Service, which will be available by the end of the month,” their update read.

“Our priority throughout our recovery is to ensure that the systems are brought back up in a controlled, secure and managed way and to make sure that you receive clear updates on progress.”

While Travelex maintain that “there is no evidence that any data has left the organisation,” the hackers, a gang called Sodinokibi, told the BBC they gained access to the company’s computer network six months ago and claim to have downloaded 5GB of sensitive customer data.

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