Travis Scott ‘Fortnite’ concert: Details we know about date, location, song list

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Travis Scott ‘Fortnite’ concert: Details we know about date, location, song list

“Fortnite” fans are reportedly in for another in-game musical performance, this time from hip hop artist Travis Scott.

After Marshmello performed for about 10 minutes last February, “Fortnite” leaks indicate a similarly styled concert from Scott is coming soon. Information available includes one of the songs Scott might play, as well as the map location for the event and ways players can see the stage be built over time.

Should Scott’s concert align with the coronavirus quarantine period in the U.S., which has bound millions of people to their homes in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, it would give his listeners a way to enjoy an interactive music session without going outside.

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Scott has become a cultural icon amid a five-year run of hit mainstream albums, beginning with his 2015 release of “Rodeo.” He’s also a huge “Fortnite” fan.

Here’s what you need to know about all of the leaks regarding his “Fortnite” concert:

How do we know the Travis Scott ‘Fortnite’ concert is legit?

Talk of a Travis Scott-related event has circulated since mid-March, when reports of a leaked skin surfaced.

More specifics came into focus this week. Images of a concert stage being built at Sweaty Sands were published by Twitter sleuths, and leaked video emerged of a song-prompting object hurtling toward the island. The song in the clip is Scott’s “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM.”

When is Travis Scott’s concert?

While an official date has not yet been announced, the amount of details determined by Epic Games indicates most of the planning for the event has already been completed. If that’s indeed the case, expect to see Scott in the game in the next couple of months.

Which songs will Travis Scott play?

From the aforementioned leak, it appears “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM” will be one of the songs Scott plays. Beyond that, it would make sense for him to draw heavily from his “ASTROWORLD” album.

Where on the ‘Fortnite’ map will the concert take place?

The concert is expected to take place at Sweaty Sands.

It seems likely that players will get to watch the stage come together in the game over the course of days or weeks.

Will there be new Travis Scott skins?

Yes, there will most likely be a set of wearable Scott skins available around the time of the concert. We know this from several leaked files, though the exact appearance of the skins has yet to be made clear.

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