Trump organisation asks UK government to bailout staff through furlough scheme

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Trump organisation asks UK government to bailout staff through furlough scheme

The Trump Organisation is asking the UK and Ireland to provide money to provide payment for staff including bartenders, bagpipers and other employees who work at his golf resorts. In the US overseas businesses can not access the economic relief package provided by Trump, however, in the UK the President can ask the British government for financial assistance, Bloomberg has reported.

Trump owns “three money-losing gold resorts” in the UK and Ireland, where he is able to use the furlough scheme.

It has not yet been confirmed whether billionaire President Trump will top up the staff wages with any enhanced package for workers.

Stateside, an estimated 2000 employees have been laid off from Trump-owned golf courses and hotels, and will now have to apply for unemployment benefits.

Just before the coronavirus pandemic hit, Trump’s golf resorts were getting ready for the golfing season, but have for now been closed.

They will now be in the company of thousands of companies who will be asking the government to cover staff pay.

However, managers working at two of the sites said that the measures were taken to protect employees from losing their jobs.

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He said: “The huge tab for this will be borne throughout the whole population through higher taxes.

“If what he says about his personal wealth is true, Trump doesn’t need the money, and I don’t see why UK taxpayers of the future should be helping him out.”

The Trump organisation has so far declined to comment or respond to the reports.

The manager of the Doonbeg resort would not remark on whether Mr Trump will be topping off the government-funded wages.

He did say that during peak times of the year, the resort employs around 300 people.

Another Trump employee said that the decision has “nothing to do with Trump”.

Sarah Malone, executive vice president of the Trump resort in Aberdeenshire said: “Like millions of businesses around the globe, we have been forced by government mandate to temporarily close our hospitality and leisure facilities.

“We are no different to any other business, including many media companies, this has nothing to do with Trump and does not benefit the business, the actions we have taken are solely to protect people and their families who would otherwise be out of work and struggling to survive financially.”

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