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Trump praises Arizona as 'model' for pandemic as cases, deaths remain high

The state has seen recent improvements, due in part to the move in late July to close down bars and some other businesses and reimpose restrictions on large gatherings.

By the numbers: Cases have decreased 24 percent in the last two weeks, according to the Covid Exit Strategy, but the numbers are still high. The state has the fifth-highest number of current hospitalizations in the country, the fifth-highest number of new cases in the last week, and the fifth-highest rate of tests that come back positive.

Arizona has a test positivity rate of about 18 percent — far higher than the 5 percent that the CDC says indicates sufficient testing and control of the virus. It’s an improvement, however, on the nearly 25 percent test positivity rate the state was reporting two weeks ago.

The state’s ICU beds are also more than 80 percent full.

“We’ve seen improvement week over week for four weeks,” Ducey told Trump when he visited the White House earlier Wednesday. “But we’re going to keep our guard up and stay vigilant.”

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