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Trump shock: India unveil the 'Monkey Police' being lined up to protect President on visit

The extra patrol of officers will be armed with catapults. They’ve been deployed to help ward off rabid animals in the street. Monkey police’s orders are to target a species called ‘rhesus macaques’. The apes live in and around the walls of the Taj Mahal.

Rhesus macaques often attack and injure tourists when visiting the 17th century mausoleums.

Many tourists have horror stories of being run off by the small apes.

It’s feared that a potential encounter with the monkey would derail Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s want for a larger US trade deal.

Because of that fear, the Government is taking no risks when it comes to their primate problem.

Senior security officers at the Taj Mahal are taking this assignment seriously.

One said: “Removing monkeys is not our duty but we are taking precautions by giving catapults to six of our officers.”

Macaques have been a serious issue for the Taj for years, but attempts to drive the monkeys out of the site have failed.

Guards have been armed with slingshots for two years after a series of incidents.

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A member of the central industrial security force said the catapults used by the guards would be ‘ineffectual’ if the monkeys decided to attack the president.

They explained: “The terror of the monkeys is so pervasive that women and children are scared of going up on the roof of their houses, which have almost been taken over by monkeys.”

The catapults aren’t the only measure in place.

India has been pouring fresh water into the Yamuna river to help stifle it’s smell.

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