Trump Threatens to Leave US If He Loses The Election



Danielle Ong


  • Trump suggested he would leave the country if he loses to Biden
  • The president made the comments in a campaign rally in Georgia
  • His remarks come as more Republicans publicly distance themselves from his administration

President Donald Trump suggested Friday that he might pack his bags and leave the U.S. if he loses to Democratic challenger Joe Biden in the Nov. 3 election. 

The president, appearing at a campaign rally in Macon, Georgia, on Friday evening, expressed concerns over the potential fallout of losing to Biden, whom he calls “the worst candidate” in history.

“Running against the worst candidate in the history of presidential politics puts pressure on me. Could you imagine if I lose? My whole life — what am I going to do? I’m going to say I lost to the worst candidate in the history of politics? Maybe I have to leave the country, I don’t know,” he said, USA Today reported. 

Trump’s remarks about exiting the U.S. if he is defeated echoes comments he made in September to a group of his supporters in North Carolina. 

“I don’t know what I’m going to do — I will never speak to you again,” he said last month.

The president’s comments come as more Republicans are distancing themselves from the Trump campaign, and as more GOP members are becoming outspoken about their differences with the president. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., for instance, publicly rejected Trump’s calls for a bigger stimulus package, the New York Times reports.  

Last week, Nebraska Republican Senator Ben Sasse slammed Trump in a telephone conference call with constituents. During the  call, he accused the president of failing to respond to the coronavirus pandemic and “flirting with white supremacists.”

Biden has managed to maintain an overwhelming lead over Trump in national polls. He also has the edge in many swing states. The Democratic challenger continues to lead by nearly 10 percentage points nationally, according to RealClearPolitics.

Biden’s lead in key battleground states also has remained steady, with 7.2 points of an advantage in Michigan, 6.1 points in Wisconsin, 3.9 points in Arizona, and 2.7 points in North Carolina, Forbes reports. 

David Wasserman, a polling expert at the Cook Political Report, said Biden’s lead in local districts has yet to see a drop. Wasserman also said the Democratic presidential nominee is “outperforming” Clinton’s margin by nearly 10 points in battleground districts. 


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