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TSM announces Saf as newest Fortnite pick up

The tit-for-tat arms race between NRG and TSM just escalated to a whole new level after Saf’s big org announcement today

If you don’t already know who Saf is, you’re either really new to the competitive scene or have literally been under a rock for two years. Saf is one of Fortnite’s most seasoned competitive veterans, and half of the longstanding power duo that is Zayt and Saf

The journey of Saf begins at what could be regarded as the first real competitive Fortnite event: Summer Skirmish. The first week Saf was invited (Week 3), he won. Want to guess who he won it with? Zayt, of course

Saf would go on to place in many more skirmishes until the series ended. WSOE’s standalone Fortnite invitational is where Saf and Zayt would further cement their competitive prowess with a 2nd place finish just behind Ceice and Elevate

Then Saf won Fortnite’s first international invitational: Katowice Royale. Once World Cup rolled around, not only did Saf and Zayt qualify in their 2nd attempt, they also landed a 4th place finish at the main event

$ 1,061,497 in tournament earnings later – Saf is still just as dominant in tournament play. TSM’s move to pick up Saf definitely costed an arm and a leg, accounted for the value in Saf’s consistency and likelihood to produce similar results during the contract duration

TSM looks to strengthen its Fortnite roster shortly after NRG’s first blood. In 2020, NRG picked up UnknownArmy, Clix, and Ronaldo. For TSM to guarantee it won’t lose their spot as the undoubtedly most stacked org in Fortnite, making a big move like this was inevitable

Ironically, while the two orgs compete against one another for dominance in the business realm, Zayt and Saf remain the most consistent and potentially best duo in the world. While Zayt’s IGN might start with NRG – and Saf TSM, this org announcement shouldn’t affect the teammates Saf plays with

But that shouldn’t be much of a surprise. After all, orgs in Fortnite have been long seen as more of a marketing gimmick than an actual competitive alignment. Players from any and all orgs have typically been free to play with one another, a tradition that I don’t think will change in the near future

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Saf’s future is equally as bright as we first forecasted almost two years ago. Now the only difference is he’s got a multimillion dollar org in his court

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