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Tupac will: Who did Tupac's HUGE fortune go to after he died? 'Left no will'

However, on his release in October of that year, he had the marriage annulled, though Keisha asserted they still spoke regularly up until his death.

Due to their divorce, she was not entitled to any of his estate, and as a result of there being no will, his mother, Afeni Shakur, managed his estate.

Afeni was in control of Tupac’s estate until 2016, when she died, however, management of the estate has seemingly been in the hands of record labels with whom Tupac worked.

According to Afeni’s attorney Howard King, as reported in Billboard, Tupac’s has been overseen by Tom Whalley, former chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. Records and current head of Loma Vista Recordings, who was first appointed trustee of Tupac’s estate in 2013 and worked with Tupac at Interscope Records when the rapper was alive.

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