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Two Orthodox Jewish teens attacked in New York City in less than 24 hours

Orthodox Jews continued to be a target of violence in New York City over the New Year’s holiday, as two teenagers were subjected to attacks in the last 24 hours. The assaults happened shortly after video was released of another savage attack carried out against an Orthodox Jewish man on Christmas Eve.

In the first incident, witnesses reported that an Orthodox Jewish teen was threatened on a city bus over his wireless headphones. According to the New York Daily News, witnesses stated that two teens approached an Orthodox Jewish teen was threatened with a knife by two other teens who reportedly said, “Shalom! We’re going to beat the s*** out of you,” according to the New York Daily News.

The assailants — who have not yet been identified — then returned the items to the Jewish teen when they realized that many other people on the bus were watching.

In the second incident, an unnamed Orthodox Jewish teenage male was allegedly threatened by two women, aged 24 and 34, who shouted, “F*** you, Jew! I will kill you Jew!” before chasing him and hitting him in the face with a phone. After hitting the teen in the face, the attackers then allegedly took his phone and smashed it into the ground, according to the Daily News.

The news broke shortly after disturbing video was released of two Orthodox Jewish men being brutally beaten (in separate incidents only moments apart) by the same group of teenagers. This footage was filmed only four days before a man attacked a Hannukah service with a machete in Monsey, New Jersey.

In this video, the as-yet-unidentified victim can be seen attempting to avoid the path of a group of teenage assailants, who nonetheless confront him and throw a chair at him. The teens then surround the man and take turns punching him, and end the confrontation by throwing the chair at him again.

The video was initially posted to Twitter by Jewish Future Alliance founder Yaakov Behrman, who said that the victim did not report the incident to the police because he was afraid of being identified and targeted again by the attackers, according to the Daily Mail.

These incidents are merely the latest in a rash of anti-Semitic attacks in New York City area that have left the area’s Orthodox Jewish population feeling rattled and unprotected. Some have even been seen recently open carrying rifles in apparent defiance of New York gun control laws.

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