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Type 2 diabetes: Eating more of this delicious treat could help lower your blood sugar lev

Type 2 diabetes is a worrying condition because it means the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or the cells are resistant to the insulin it produces. This could have grave effects on one’s body.  Fortunately, eating this delicious snack moderately could help lower your blood sugar.

A piece high-cocoa dark chocolate is packed with many healthy components.

“The antioxidants in chocolate help the body use its insulin more efficiently to help control blood sugar,” says Anna Simos, a diabetes education and prevention program manager at Stanford Health Care in Palo Alto, California.

“This in turn helps lower blood sugar levels naturally and actually helps your body use your insulin.

“As a result, it helps decrease insulin resistance, which we see in type 2 diabetes.”

What to avoid

It is important to avoid items that hike your blood sugar levels and top of the list are foods with a high carbohydrate content.

Carbohydrate is broken down into glucose relatively quickly and therefore has a more pronounced effect on blood sugar levels than either fat or protein.

The worst culprits are refined carbs such as white bread.

In regards to cholesterol, shun saturated fats, such as processed foods where possible, because these unhealthy fats raise LDL cholesterol levels.

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