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UK ISIS terrorist Jihadi Jack who wants to come home is part of ‘top ISIS family’

UK ISIS terrorist Jihadi Jack who wants to come home is part of ‘top ISIS family’ 1

The Oxford-born Muslim convert left the country in 2014 at the age of 18 to fight for the terror group in Syria. Letts, also known as ‘Jihadi Jack’ has now married into a top Iraqi family with links to the terrorist organisation, although the jihadi fighter had previously saying “if the UK accepted me then I’d go back to the UK”.

Speaking to The Sun, former British soldier Alan Duncan, who fought against ISIS, insisted Letts had “definitely” married into a high-ranking family within the terror group.

Mr Duncan said: “He definitely married into a top ISIS Iraqi family and that explains why he was down in Mosul.

“The tribal leaders are what you would call Imams – as soon as a tribal leader gives his allegiance to ISIS he becomes an Emir.

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“They basically become a leader in ISIS. Letts married into that family.”

Mr Duncan has spent the last two years interviewing jailed jihadis for an upcoming documentary.

The news of Letts’ status in the terror organisation comes after he had claimed he missed life back in the UK.

Speaking to ITV earlier this year, Letts said: “I miss people mostly. I miss my mum. I know that sounds a bit toddler-ish.

“I miss pasties. It’s not really English – sort of Scottish, isn’t it? I miss pasties. And Doctor Who.”

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“Jack is clearly higher within ISIS than he has admitted to.

“You don’t marry into a family like that and get a wife like that if you’re nothing.”

He was captured in 2017 by Kurdish forces while trying to flee to Turkey and earlier this year, had his UK citizenship revoked by the Government.

Letts had dual UK-Canadian nationality, which therefore allowed the the Home Office to revoke his citizenship.

His father was from Ontario, and therefore his parents had appealed to the Canadian government to help repatriate him.

However, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau eventually stated the government had “no obligation” to help Letts.

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Mr Trudeau’s administration also hit out at the UK Government for trying to “off load” its responsibilities.


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