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UK troops 'flying the flag for Britain' send heartwarming Christmas message to country

UK troops 'flying the flag for Britain' send heartwarming Christmas message to country 1

Over 11,000 members of the British Armed Forces will be spending their Christmas holidays away from home as they continue their deployment across the world. In a stirring video message themed “To My Loved Ones Back Home,” the Ministry of Defence paid tribute to all British troops sacrificing time with their loved ones to “keep Britain safe” with their work around the globe. In the video, a voiceover can be heard reading out a fictional message inspired by the letters real-life military staff have been sending to their families: “To my loved ones back at home, not a day goes by when I don’t think of you.

“I miss you all so, so much. I’m sorry to hear the washing machine is leaking again, let me know if there’s anything I can do and I’m sorry that I can’t be with you and the girls this Christmas but this is what we’ve trained for. Put every ounce of effort into preparing for.

“And now we’re here and I take pride in the work I’m doing. Every single day I’m ensuring, after years of conflict, that a better future can prosper here. I’m hard at work, building hospitals, bridges and roads so aid can reach those in need.”

The video continues: “I’m proud that we’re protecting the most vulnerable. I’m keeping the peace and preventing conflict around the world, maintaining calm and stability.

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“But before I deployed, I didn’t realise just how important our role is to people here and every day I work with troops from all over the world trying our hardest to ease tensions which lurk in the shadows in this most beautiful place.”

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The voiceover is intersected with footage showing military personnel as they carry out their duties on missions in multiple time zones across the world from Somalia and South Sudan to Estonia and Afghanistan.

The MoD said 11,000 sailors, marines, soldiers, airmen and women are currently deployed overseas on 35 operations, including 1,000 British Armed Forces staff currently stationed in the Falklands Island

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said: “Over the festive period, we should all take a moment to be grateful for the selflessness of our armed forces personnel and their families at this time of year.

“This Christmas, like any other day, our servicemen and women will be displaying their unique professionalism around the world and at home.”

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