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UnknownArmy’s hidden strategies to WKEY!

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Video by hindog – YouTube / Twitch

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W-keying is one of the most valuable skills you can have in a realistic tournament or arena scenario. While casuals might want to harness the power of W-key to pubstomp, it’s uses span much farther than just that

Winning tournaments can often be attributed to getting a good first game. W-keying is a necessary component to getting that really good first game

To help you out, we’re highlighting some of the top strategies that UnknownArmy’s gameplay points out

Prefight tags (2:00)

Prefight tags decide the tempo of the fight. Who’s in control and who has the early advantage depends on who can sneak up on the other – and translate that into a meaningful beam before the fight even really starts

If you’re able to get a full 200 to 0 laser on your opponent, good on ya! But you should be content with knocking off a majority of your opponent’s shield to feel comfortable with a hard w-key approach

Understanding your opponents skill (2:30)

Knowing the average skill of the players in your lobby will set up realistic expectations for how much you can get away with, so to speak. There’s a huge difference between being in game 1 of an Open tournament than the Semifinals or Finals of a large prize pool event

W-key hardcore if your skill outclasses that of your opponents. If not, consider a more passive strategy

Build! Don’t take the 50/50 (2:40)

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If you’ve got your opponent on the ropes and are certain that you have the advantage, don’t get too eager and ruin it for yourself. Taking a nonoptimal gunfight is exactly how you turn your advantage into your detriment

Build and secure your opponent into one scenario: a gunfight with you. Then make sure you get the first shot off on your opponent and secure the elimination with more consistency

ALWAYS have your gun out (3:55)

One thing most aspiring Fortnite players forget is that building doesn’t actually kill the opponent.Shooting the weapon is what kills the opponent. When you’re getting really aggressive on someone, holding your builds out 24/7 is the easiest way for you to get right-hand edited on and caught off guard

I know the previou tip talks about using your builds more frequently; this tip points out there is a balance between the two. Too much building = no bueno. Too little building = really no bueno

Rotate… before it’s too late (5:30)


Endgames become more and more stacked as the players you verse increase in skill. Thus, clean rotations become exponentially crucial

W-keying isn’t a great option when not rotating is what guarantees your demise. Don’t be an actual “brain dead w-keyer” and know the time and place for aggressing your opponents. Not being able to make this identification is what griefs your own tournaments

Just a note: I’d still recommend watching the video in combination with all the aforementioned tips. Not only does the visuals help display the points in a much more palatable fashion, we also cover some small tips for traversing the endgame with an aggressive mentality

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Source Fortnite Tracker Feed

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