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‘Use it or it’ – Ryanair threatens blow Spain travel ban

Ryanair customers could be hit with devastating losses and cancelled plans following the Government’s decision to reinstate the nonessential travel warning for Spain. According to travel journalist Simon Calder, the Irish-carrier has given passengers the simple option “use it or it”.

Due to a sudden surge in coronavirus cases in , the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) decided to reinstate its travel warning to the country, advising against all but essential travel.

This means travellers returning back into the UK from face a mandatory period of self-isolation.

Furthermore, holidaymakers visiting any associated region such as the Balearic and Canary Islands now face a mandatory 14-day quarantine period despite still being given the go-ahead to travel.

As a result, many holiday firms such as TUI have temporarily cancelled holidays to the region.

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Ryanair: Simon Calder gave an urgent warning (Image: Getty Images / ITV)

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Simon Calder: “Ryanair is saying ‘use it or it’.” (Image: ITV)

However, for passengers who have booked flights with Ryanair, it is a different story.

According to Mr Calder, the airline is continuing to fly to and from and is not making exceptions for travellers despite the new rule.

Speaking on ITV’s This Morning on Monday, Mr Calder explained: “Ryanair is saying ‘use it or it’.

‘If you’re not here your flights going anyway. You’ve lost cash.’”

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Express.co.uk has contacted Ryanair for comment on this situation and what options they might suggest to would-be travellers.

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Mr Calder also outlined the stance other airlines are taking following the FCO announcement.

TUI, the biggest holiday company, has cancelled everything for the next two weeks and they are basically offering refunds although if you want to go to the Balearics or to the Canaries you can, but you can get your money back if you prefer.

Jet2 absolutely unprecedented, they are saying ‘yeah you might not want to quarantine but if you’re going to Majorca or to Tenerife, or one of the islands, then your trip is going ahead as normal,’ and they are even saying ‘by the way if you want to go to the mainland against government advice we will take you there’.

“Never heard of anything like that.”

Express.co.uk has contacted Jet2 for comment regarding Mr Calder’s statement.

He continued: “British Airways saying you can change your flight for another date or get a voucher.”

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Though the new rule change has undoubtedly caused dismay for many travellers, both currently abroad and those with impending plans, foreign secretary Dominic Raab said the Government “cannot apologise” for the sudden amendments to the travel corridor list.

Speaking on Sky News on Sunday, Mr Raab said: “The cases in , the data came we got was on Friday, showed a big jump right across mainland , that was then assessed yesterday noon and we took the decision as swiftly as we could.”

Tourism impact of COVID-19 (Image: DX)

He added: “I understand it is disruptive for those going through this who are in or have been considering going but we must though be able to take swift, decisive action to protect the UK because we’ve made such progress in getting the virus down and prevent the virus re-taking hold in the UK.”

As COVID-19 figures began to spike across , several regions began to enforce varying levels of lockdown.

In some regions, this means certain amenities were cd, in others it meant residents were told not to leave their local area unless absolutely essential.

Despite this, Spanish officials are desperately trying to salvage the country’s tourism sector.

Spanish Foreign Minister Arancha Gonzalez Laya said: “ is a safe country for tourists and for Spaniards”.

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