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Used cars for sale: Buying in this UK location could save £5,000 – is it where you live?

Used cars were found to be the cheapest in a string of Scottish regions with the towns of Kilwinning and Prestwick joining Kilmarnock on the list. English regions of Gloucester and Wellingborough were also the cheaper places to grab a used car deal according to a survey from motoring experts ATS Euromaster. 

Chelmsford, Chatham and Acton were on the list of most expensive regions to purchase a used vehicle. 

Alongside them were the Cheshire town of Winsford and the small village of Orgreave near Rotherham, the scene of a highly-publicised British steel protest in 1984. 

The group revealed prospective buyers can save a total of £3,255 on a brand new Land Rover Discovery Sport with an identical 38,000 mileage simply by shopping around. 

Savings of more than £5,500 can also be made by purchasing a BMW 3-Series in Kirkcaldy compared to the North West town of Newton-le-Willows. 

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Used cars can be found cheaper with some research (Image: Getty)

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Thousands of pounds can be saved by buying in certain areas of the country (Image: Getty)

ATS Euromaster says the level of discount you can get across these regions can more than cover any travel expenses and should leave you with some healthy savings to go alongside your new vehicle. 

Analysis revealed the BMW 3 Series retains 23 percent of its value after 140,000 miles in a massive win for those looking to sell a model. 

Ford’s popular Fiesta model topped the new and used car sales list in 2019 after another popular year among the UK car market. 

The cheapest place motorists can secure one of the popular vehicles is near Colchester despite areas of London having the highest number of models on the sale at any one time. 

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Billericay in Essex was the most costly region for prospective buyers looking to purchase one of the popular cars. 

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In one of the cheapest vehicles available across the country, ATS Euromaster says buyers can purchase a Vauxhall Astra hatchback for an average of just £1,500 if they travel to Peterborough.

However, further analysis revealed the East Anglian city is one of several regions with the highest recorded mileage. 

Peterborough was joined by Walton, Sheffield, Bristol and Heaton Chapel as areas where used cars were sold with above average mileage figures. 

ATS Euromaster says second-hand cars for sale were most likely to be just three years old. 

Diesel cars dominate the used car market with a 54 percent share of all vehicles for sale. 

Petrol powered machines were the next most popular with a 44 percent market share while fully-electric cars accounted for just 0.2 percent. 

How to purchase a good used car

ATS Euromaster have issued a series of common tips on how prospective buyers can secure good used car deal. 

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Before committing to a deal, the group said road users should ask the seller when the vehicle’s MOT was last taken. 

Good deals should be scrutinised as this could be because the car has failed an MOT or requires lots of work to get it to an efficient standard.

The group urge prospective buyers to carry out a series of basic vehicle checks to make sure the car meets a reasonable safety standard. 

Broken headlights, worn brakes and bald tyres are safety risks and road users should seriously consider the risks before purchasing a car with so many issues. 

Even small things such as cracks on the windscreen and broken wipers could see police officers issue you with fines if they are not repaired before getting behind the wheel of the car. 

Any faults you identify could be used to reduce the price of a vehicle, especially if these problems are not stated before you came to view the car. 

Cheapest places to buy a used car

  • Kilwinning 
  • Kilmarnock 
  • Prestwick 
  • Gloucester
  • Wellingborough 

Most expensive places to buy a used car 

  • Chelmsford 
  • Orgreave 
  • Chatham 
  • Winsford 
  • Acton
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