V12.40 Update, Grenades will stay out of competitive loot pools

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With the v12.40 update, let’s discuss the top expected changes and what we can take away from it

Downtime for the v12.40 update has been set at April 15th, 2:00 AM EST. Make sure to prepare accordingly to the usual ~2 hours of downtime that starts at the aforementioned time

Here’s some top issues that have been noted on Epic Games’ Trello Board:

  • Players using a controller may not experience any vibration feedback when taking damage

  • Midas’ bonus ‘Golden Touch’ ability to turn weapons gold doesn’t work when first picking something up

  • Grenades have been temporarily disabled

A very important note regarding grenades – although they are expected to come back into the game tomorrow, grenades will not reappear in competitive playlists. This is to maintain competitive integrity of the loot pools and promote “continuity” according to an Epic spokesperson

V12.40 Update, Grenades will stay out of competitive loot pools

A very positive sign for the competitive community. Previously, Epic would introduce and remove weapons and utility as they pleased, regardless of what competitive events were in progress. Now, they seem to be taking a more conservative approach. I, for one, am all for that

Regarding gameplay, Fortnite leakers across the globe have been hard at work

New Rocket Launcher, codename “MythicBop”

A new Rocket Launcher popped up in the game files, according to reputable leaker iFireMonkey. The device can apparently lock on to helicopters and destroy vehicles with a single hit. Check out this neat Twitter clip which contains the audio files

As long as the launcher’s only purpose is vehicle destruction I’m all for it. If this RPG has any effect on the player v player meta, I reckon it’ll have a very destructive impact on the game. Someone start the Epic Games prayer threads and, fingers crossed, we should be fine

”Doomsday Device”

FortTory released his findings on April 11th, noting a “Doomsday Device” could potentially tap into the season’s concept of spying and agencies

He noted three separate items in the game files, including

  • Doomsday Device

  • Doomsday Hatch

  • Doomsday Door

Whether these devices will be put into motion after this weekly update is for us to find out in due time

Although I don’t personally think tonight’s update will contain anything too special, there are some bugs that definitely need to be addressed that I will be more than happy to see removed. Also seasonal/live events are typically months in the making so I am happy to see new files come in at this time. Epic, we’re ready (and ready to report on) what you got for us!

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